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Equestrianista | noun | eques-tri-an-is-ta | \i-ˈkwes-trē-ən-ˈnēs-tə\ : one with a passion & love of equestrian-inspired style & originality.
When you look good, you feel great and you ride better. Equestrianista helps you look good and feel great by being your source for truly original, horse-inspired apparel and accessories. Each piece in the Equestrianista collection is high-style fashion, decorated with subtle elegance. 
Our Promise to You:
Quality. We carefully source and hand select only the highest quality garments and textiles on which to design.
Care. We treat each order with personal, professional and complete customer care. Our brand’s success is due to our loyal customer base.
Knowledge & Experience. As equestrians ourselves, we understand the need for quality and function, while still holding style a high priority.

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