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Style with an Equestrian Touch:
EQUESTRIANISTA® is an equestrian clothing brand created for the equestrian fashionista and her lifestyle. 
We create apparel and accessories that are functional, with a perfect blend of current fashion trends and classic, equestrian style. Our loyal customers love the femininity, fit, and sophistication we bring to each piece, wrapped in the latest silhouettes and colors found in street fashion. EQUESTRIANISTA is style you wear everywhere; as chic riding apparel, dressed up for the office, or simply to look fabulous and represent the lifestyle you love. Your Street to Stable clothier.
Our Promise to You:
Quality. We carefully source and hand select only the highest quality garments and textiles on which to design.
Care. We treat each order with personal, professional and complete customer care. Our success is due to our loyal customer base.
Knowledge & Experience. As busy equestrians ourselves, we understand the need for quality and function, while still holding style a high priority.
EQUESTRIANISTA | noun | eques-tri-an-is-ta | \i-ˈkwes-trē-ən-ˈnēs-tə\ :
one with a love for equestrian-inspired style.