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Equestrianista offers stylish women's equestrian apparel; riding shirts, horse-inspired sweatshirts & tees, equestrian sweaters, jackets, ponchos and more! Equestrian clothing designed to be fabulously feminine in style, quality and fit.

"The EQUESTRIANISTA lifestyle brand is known for its femininity, subtle elegance, and clothes that represent the equestrian lifestyle. "

EQUESTRIANISTA®, a horse-inspired women's fashion brand, was born when I found a horse that ignited my passion to design. A lifelong equestrian, I earned a degree in fashion merchandising and design. After working in the high fashion world of New York City, I returned to my native Chicago area to start a family. That’s when the idea of combining my two passions took shape. I fell madly in love with a sassy redhead, an Off-the-Track-Thoroughbred, thus he became my muse for much of the artwork used in the designs.

Through my love of this gelding and our journey in dressage, EQUESTRIANISTA's first piece was born, the perfect dressage t-shirt. It was original, comfortable and chic. The EQUESTRIANISTA dressage tee was perfect because it was like nothing else out there. The burnout texture is insanely soft, fashion-forward, tailored and exclusively unique. The collection grew to include timeless and original artwork I create in my studio, to branded pieces with the trademarked term EQUESTRIANISTA. This exclusive assortment has a range of designs crafted with both style and comfort in mind.

EQUESTRIANISTA was officially established in 2012 right here in the heart of the Midwest and today includes a full range of tops and accessories. My vision was simple - a marriage of comfort and equestrian style. Style so distinct that you would wear it literally anywhere; to be chic at the barn, out with girlfriends, even to look fab running errands...a line to satisfy your lifestyle in a soft, tailored to fit, subtle and sophisticated way.

Equestrianista Brand Apparel and Accessories founder Julie Frykman and her OTTB Calvin Klein.

EQUESTRIANISTA has quickly found a devoted following due to its unique and niche lifestyle offerings. I know the success of this dream and small business lies in our ability to cater to the equestrienne who loves to bring her lifestyle to her daily wardrobe, but in a chic and sophisticated way. EQUESTRIANISTA's loyal following says it all and inspires me everyday to continue to make this brand a celebration of the equestrian lifestyle - passionate, stylish & original.

~ Julie Frykman