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10 Horse Show Wardrobe Essentials for time out of the saddle.

Julie Frykman

Posted on July 12 2017

How to always be ready & stylish for whatever the evening festivities may be. 

The far away horse show trip. You need to pack a bag and be ready to go for three or four days. You know exactly what you need for tack and horse show attire, but never know what's in store for your evenings after your day in the saddle. From impromptu dinners with reconnected horse show friends, to unpredictable weather, it can be hard to decide on just what to take for a long horse show weekend. You want to be comfortable after a day in the ring and walking the show grounds, but let's face it - you're an Equestrianista and demand to look pulled together and stylish too. 

10 Horse Show packing wardrobe essential for every Equestrianista.Relax because we've got you covered. We compiled a list of versatile and ready-to-travel pieces that are easy breezy and equestrian chic. 

The horse show bag essentials:

  • Two button-down shirts - these can be worn alone or serve as a layer for brisk mornings or cool evenings. We love our Plaid Button-Down with the iconic Equestrianista logo on the back. A medium weight denim is always another staple that every fashion loving equestrian can appreciate.
  • Two t-shirts - you can't go wrong with a great equestrian t-shirt with a fabulous fit and an iconic design. Wear alone or layer for casual-cool day or night. Our top selling Equestrianista Logo T-Shirt is a hint of equestrian style that every ensemble needs and the sparkle gives that instant glam we crave.
  • Two top layers - think jean jacket and an equestrian-inspired comfy full zip. These are perfect for cool evenings or those restaurants that freeze you out with their air on high - gah!
  • Two bottoms - capris lend themselves to hot or cool weather and depending on the season go with your favorite and most versatile shorts or jeans.
  • Two outerwear jackets or two tank tops - this last one is completely dependent on what are of the country the horse show is and the season. Obviously if you're headed to HITS Ocala in the spring you only need the tank tops because your two top layers can serve as jackets. Now if you're headed to the Washington International Horse Show in late October then you definitely need to forego the tanks and head straight for the outerwear jackets. And finally if you're going to the Kentucky Rolex Three-Day Event, well girl you better take all of the above. ;)

Mix and match these travel essentials to multiply your outfit options and add your favorite sunnies, jewelry and flats to complete the looks. These 10 casual equestrian style pieces offer comfort and style in easy-care, easy-to-wear pieces that keep your Equestrianista status on point.

xoxo Julie


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