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Equestrianista's Fall 2017 Collection and Looking Forward to Winter 2018

Julie Frykman

Posted on November 01 2017

Fall Equestrian Style Trends from EquestrianistaWhat a great start to Fall 2017! Much of 2016 I spent pregnant, which limited our ability to travel to the venues we had hopes to get to. As fate would have it I’m pregnant again, insert fertile mertile jokes here, and will again be staying close to home in 2017.  Some months I’m not able to curate and design as much as I would like, but after attending local horse shows in the Chicagoland area I’m quickly refocused and recharged and ready to create. The feedback, love and desire for pieces in the Equestrianista brand that you share while getting to interact with you one on one in the mobile boutique energizes me to continue to delight you with stylish and fresh stable to street wear.

I’m always striving to improve our offering and range to meet your style wants and needs. Hearing your appreciation for the clever trademarked term “Equestrianista” and the chic designs we curate to incorporate into the line, make me proud and honored to keep making Equestrianista brand your go-to for chic equestrian-inspired apparel.

We are regularly shipping orders all over the US and Canada and our repeat customer rate continues to grow. That to me is how I rate our success. Not the number of social media followers or likes in a post, but when I see someone purchase for the first time and come back within a week for more, well I can’t think of a more defining or gratifying way to rate success. Thank you!

As for what we’re looking forward to, well Christmas time is always such a fun season to be in retail! I can’t wait to take the mobile boutique and attend the shows Showplace Productions hosts at the nearby Ledges Sporting Horses in Roscoe, IL. I always love getting to interact and assist customers in choosing pieces for themselves or that perfect equestrian or trainer gift they’re on the hunt for. Nothing about this journey of owning a small equestrian apparel business gets tiring. There is always something new to learn, a new trend that can be incorporated in a new way, new people to meet and the excitement of delighting a customer – you make this journey fun and fulfilling!

We are already working on the Winter 2018 Collection! Keeping pieces in stock is constantly a challenge as a small business, although there are worse problems to have, having such a small and exclusive offering can unfortunately mean selling out of a hot item is inevitable. We’re hoping to be able to project sales and/or restock best sellers more quickly in 2018, as well as working on communicating restocks to our loyal email subscribers.

Thank you to all the loyal Equestrianistas that enjoy Style with an Equestrian Touch that they can wear from stable to street!

Xoxo Julie and the Equestrianista Team


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