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What is betrayal?

Julie Frykman

Posted on November 29 2022

What's betrayal?

When you walk into the pasture to catch your horse and it runs the other direction.

As a kid I had the most trustworthy, same horse ridden daily or monthly. Just that once in a lifetime heart-horse. He was a retired cutting horse that had paid his dues and put in his time. Thankfully the cowboy who retired him wanted what was best for him and sought out a retirement home. My dad recently purchased our farm, and while we had horses in the past, we currently didn't have any. This gentleman paid my dad a small pasture board fee. 

Well, as tends to be the equestrian way, we ended up finding a way to take the situation that was making us money (albeit small, but in the black) and turn it into a situation that cost us money. I fell in love with this sweet, oldie with only one working eye and my dad decided to buy him and his pasturemate. 

This quarter horse gelding took me all over our small farm and half the county on the weekends. I could ride him on the road, in the rain, far too past sunset and everywhere in between. The only fault this incredible horse had...when I walked into the pasture to catch him...he ran the other direction.

So, the moral of the story is - we can't all be perfect.

xoxo Julie


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