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Review of my Rambo Micklem Bridle

Julie Frykman

Posted on March 01 2019

It seems like every time I post a picture of my thoroughbred gelding wearing his Micklem bridle I get questions about how it fits, and how my horse likes its anatomically contoured design. I did a lot of research when looking to purchase a new dressage bridle for my OTTB who had a heavy mouth, combined with my heavy hands, and a sensitive personality in general. 

When I purchased the Rambo Micklem bridle 7 years ago they were relatively alien looking to many equestrians, me included. I thought they looked unappealing, but was willing to set aside my vain side for my horse's comfort. 

Calvin was immediately receptive to the bridle. I personally thought he felt lighter. Whether it was somehow making me lighter in my hands, thus making him lighter, or it actually made him lighter in the mouth, regardless it felt good and we were both very happy. 

I thought it was fairly affordable given the research that appeared to go into the anatomically contoured craftsmanship of this bridle. The leather was adequately supple and has held up amazingly well.   

It now comes in a beautiful tanned leather option of a dark brown and black, as well as a browband with the traditional hunter stitching. I don't even ride in the hunter or equitation ring and am pining for one of these for my big red gelding.


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