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EQUESTRIANISTA Upcoming New Arrivals: the inspiration

Julie Frykman

Posted on November 28 2019

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 is set to be a season of femme rebelle. In street style you see designers paying homage to the not-so-discreet lavishness of textures, deep hues and masculine edge. While pairing these in contrast to the female punk spirit. The EQUESTRIANISTA Brand is right in line with this feel and loves laughing in the face of convention, while celebrating the equestrian woman of today, rather than sticking with the old standard of yesterday. 

When working on our latest additions to the EQUESTRIANISTA apparel line we made it all about making pieces that speak louder than words. Equestrian fashionistas everywhere know that equestrian inspired fashion is more than just a trend – it’s prominence in fashion is nothing new. Equestrian fashion is far more than just barn or riding wear - its versatility, with a classic yet chic look always calls for attention. 

Drawing on inspiration: When I was putting this design idea to paper I reflected, “What do I want?" Without question I wanted to speak without words, to represent the rebellious, strong nature of an equestrian, yet still represent her feminine, fashion-loving personality.

Behind the seams: Rather than constantly posting on social media, painting ourselves as fashion genius', we enjoy working behind the scenes. Creating in-house designs, scouting fabulous pieces to complement the line - quietly sketching and curating pieces that will delight our core customer from the moment she steps into the mobile boutique or opens her mailbox - that's what drives us.

Enter a silhouette that states loud and clear that its wearer is rebellious and inspired, carving her path with studs, boxy, androgynous designs and all of the style-tricks of punk, grunge and bondage, for a cool, detached style revival that defies tired convention.


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