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Barn Day with the perfect Equestrian Sweater

Julie Frykman

Posted on April 15 2018

Barn Day Sweater modeled in Blue by EquestrianistaLet's be real for a moment: Equestrian fashion is as much about the look and style as it is about its functionality. Something we simply can't live without during a serious schooling sesh or long horse show weekend. A great fitting sweater is a staple every equestrian must have. And while we love our high-style favorites, sometimes you just want simplicity, and that's ok, too! I have my lived-in favorites that have been worn to the point of vintage status and I'm expecting our newest sweater addition to be added to that list. This spring season, the Equestrianista sweater took on cleaner lines, minimal detailing, and a classic shape. And while we would never suggest ditching your lifelong favorite embroidered Fox Hunt Sweater or the modern Show Crew Sweater, we definitely recommend mixing it up with the new Barn Day Sweater. 

We love a staple piece, but is there anything better than a staple piece that's also a favorite piece!? Besides the coziness of 100% cotton against your skin on a breezy ride, the v-neck adds feminine style to this classic look.  Equestrianista always makes the neckline just the right size so you can actually...oh I don't know, actually take your sweatshirt off without having to take your helmet off. We are Equestrian Style and we are made for the Equestrian Life.

Barn Day Sweater modeled in Red by Equestrianista


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