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Time to Refocus

Julie Frykman

Posted on March 16 2020

As we look at life and what we will do over the next 6 to 8 weeks, let's refocus. Sometimes life, God, sends us something that at the time seems to be too much to handle, but in actuality it is just what we need. Time to refocus. Life is fast, sometimes hard, stressful, but full of so many blessings and beauty. Let us look at those and refocus. We now have the gift of time. Time to spend with the ones you love, or to not rush off the phone. We can sit around the dinner table and talk...TALK. Or find a quiet spot in the house and make a phone call without feeling the need to quickly get off and run off to the next thing.

Maybe you are blessed to say you do all these things often. Maybe you need time to refocus on you. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy the calm. Enjoy you.

Whatever it may be that is your refocus, let us come together as this pandemic continues and realize we are in this together. No matter your age, sex, income - no one is immune to the fear the coronavirus may bring. Financially, emotionally, or physically, we are all concerned about what it will bring. 

We are so strong as humans, as equestrians, we will get through this and be much stronger on the other side.

Let's Pray. Let's Be. Let's Refocus. 

xoxo Julie, Sophia & Whitney


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