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The Definition of an Equestrian

Julie Frykman

Posted on November 06 2018

The Definition of an Equestrian.

What does it mean to be an equestrianista?

If you google equestrian you will find a few search responses. One is Wikipedia, who defines it as; "The word equestrian is a reference to horseback riding, derived from Latin equester and equus, "horse"."

Another is from Webster, who defines us as "one who rides on horseback." At Equestrianista we know there is much more to being an equestrian than eithe r of these two definitions.

Actual, day-in-and-day-out, true equestrians - define ourselves as athletes with an unmatched work ethic, bravery and love for our partner(s) in this sport. Whether we compete in the hunter jumper ring, dressage arena, western show ring or are a campaigner on the trail - we encompass dedication and a true passion.

Equestrian is the broad word to define us, but up and coming term equestrianista narrows that even more. Equestrianista is quickly becoming synonymous with those equestrian's that define themselves as equestrian fashionistas. With this term seeing a rise in the equestrian world - from equestrian apparel sported in the schooling ring, horse show, to the social media hashtag #equestrianista seeing exponential growth - equestrianista will undoubtedly share space in both Wikipedia and Webster in the near future.

Here at the Equestrianista Clothing Brand we define Equestrianista  as: 

Equestrianista | noun | eques-tri-an-is-ta | \i-ˈkwes-trē-ən-ˈnēs-tə\ : one with a love for equestrian-inspired style.

How do you define being an equestrianista?

Equestrianista® is an equestrian lifestyle clothing brand created for the equestrian fashionista. 


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