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EQUESTRIANISTA Brand Apparel meets your needs.

Julie Frykman

Posted on February 27 2019

Sometimes dressing up for your ride just makes you feel good and ride better. Let EQUESTRIANISTA take care of your need for equestrian style that takes you from errands, to brunch with girlfriends, to the barn. 

You rely on your trainer to help you create a training schedule that builds on the bond between you and your horse. Your horse relies on you to keep him happy and healthy. You rely on your horse to walk, trot, and canter wherever you point him, carry you along a rugged trail, and give you muzzle kisses on days that nothing is going right. 

We know that equestrian apparel and accessories that look good for all of this is as important as each of these moments are. We work everyday to curate, design, and bring you styles that allow you to run through life and enjoy everything this equestrian lifestyle brings. 

xoxo Julie


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