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Was your last text to a horse friend or something horse related?

Julie Frykman

Posted on December 05 2022

Raise your hand if your last text was to a horse friend or was about something horse related.

Raise it twice if you know the answer to this without even checking your text messages or snap!

Every horse girl has done it. Talked endlessly about her horse, the horse she wants to buy, the horse she had as a child, the barn she boards at, the barn she dreams I need to continue?

Some like to call being an equestrian a sport, some call it a hobby and some (mainly boyfriends or husbands) call it an obsession. I like to call my love of horseback riding my hobby-sport. My love for the equestrian inspired apparel...well that may be an obsession. Thankfully I have plenty of friends that share in all of the above.

xoxo Julie

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