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The View and Inspiration Behind the Seams of Equestrianista

Julie Frykman

Posted on January 18 2014

A photograph you've taken, something you've created and of course what you wear can say so much about you. One of my favorite things to come across when scrolling through social media are the pictures people take while being in the moment of their passion. Did they span for the big picture, or cut in to what they felt was the focus? Are they the outdoors type, animal lover, adventurer? The list goes on.

When I came across this picture from an old friend, and photographer, this made me feel in the moment with the surfer. I could feel his passion and love for the sport. Now mind you, only in my nightmares have I been out in the ocean on a surfboard! So looking at this picture gave me a glimpse of the rush a surfer must feel. 

Eric Wehner Photography

Pictures of people and their passions made me think of the view that has been my passion through life. What speaks to who I am? Many of my pictures, outside of my beloved family, have a consistent theme. A theme that any equestrian can relate to. The view that brings out a range of emotions; relaxed, competitive, free, love, etc. This view keeps us wanting it again, and again. You scroll through social media and this view is captured from atop various breeds & colors, within various venues, during every season and almost every scenery known to unites us in this one moment in time. The view seen between the ears of a horse is a love shared by all equestrians. 

The view through the ears of a horse

These thoughts inspired me to design an image that expresses this moment and love. Our latest design transcends breed or discipline and unites us in our love & passion.The Love the View's boutique style simplicity evokes a beautiful sense of the moment. We printed on a contemporary sweatshirt that enhances the design. This sweatshirt has a feminine fit, extra-wide collar and raglan sleeves. Made of a perfectly broken in feeling fleece, it already feels like its been in your closet forever...


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