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Julie Frykman

Posted on September 04 2013

How did this Equestrian apparel business begin?
Established out of the love of a single horse. A horse that became mine by chance, ended up inspiring such a love and adoration that he became my muse. It is easy to design when you love something so much. Just as it is easy to have equestrianism become such a passion in your life that it is a driving force. Horses give us so much more than we give them, don't you agree? Besides carrying us on their strong backs, listening to our endless chatter, they also teach us to better our patience, laugh at ourselves, and to communicate on a level without words.

What challenges do you face as a small business owner?
The biggest challenge is simply keeping the Equestrianista brand a true representation of who I am. I am a multi-faceted person and appreciate so many styles that at times I have to reel myself in.  But creativity in this business is a pleasant problem to have. I feel very blessed and am delighted at the response. The ultimate compliment is when a customer returns for the second, third, and even fourth time.

Who do you design for?
My friends, mentors...myself. Equestrianism is a visual sport. We train our horses to develop the beauty of a graceful athlete. To move with us as one. This is all beautiful, visual, and a feeling. Style is that way as well; beautiful, visual, and makes us feel a certain way. We all perform at our best when we look and feel our best. That's why I design, every woman needs her go-to piece that makes her feel great.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Well, I have a few jobs actually. My first job is as a wife and mother, and we all know those can be the toughest bosses to have, along with the most rewarding (kisses and unrecognizable self portraits trump the perks of any day job!) My second job is as a Coordinator at my church where I organize events and gather talented volunteers for many different activities revolving around families. So when it comes to my third job, the Equestrianista apparel brand, I love sitting down and just creating. It is such a personal, emotional, and visual action that can be very relaxing. Working in your PJ's ain't so bad either.

What brings you joy?
It's a joy to create something that makes you feel great and shares something that is your love and passion at the same time. Most of all I find joy in family, friends, and getting my butt in the saddle!
xoxo Julie


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