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Equestrianista Spotlight

Julie Frykman

Posted on August 14 2013

Name: Gena
State: Illinois
What do you do to pay for your horsey habit: Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (find The Knotted Horse on FB)

When did you fall in love with horses?
I fell in love with horses in Girl Scouts as a little girl. I loved them so much I sold enough Girl Scout cookies to earn 1 week of horseback riding camp at Happy Hollow in Wisconsin. The garage was full of cookies! My poor mom had to help me organize and deliver hundreds of boxes.

Tell us about your first horsey love.
Charlie at camp was my first horse love.

What discipline do you ride your current horse(s)?
Trail riding is my favorite, I love being outside with my wonderful paint horse Blake. He loves it too!

What is your go-to piece to ride in?

My helmet. I expect my girls to wear one, so I lead by example. Although I do love all my cute Equestrianista tees and wear them everywhere!

Does your horse have a silly quirk that you love?

Blake is a silly boy who loves attention, just watching him eat is very entertaining. Sprays grain everywhere...goofball.

Blake giving pony rides!
Most embarrassing moment of your equestrian life?
Losing my balance at the mounting block when people are watching is embarrassing. Note to self...wear pants that I can lift my leg in. Oh, and not so pretty for the rider behind me when the pants don't fit ( quarter moon out today? )

Best riding advice you've been given?

The best advice I have ever been given is "every ride is a new one, don't let what happened yesterday effect your ride today"

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