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Aiken Eventing Update from Equestrianista Brand Ambassador Rachel Sledzik

Julie Frykman

Posted on February 18 2015

OTTB Eventer
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! In all honesty, I feel like it really isn’t a fair holiday, shouldn’t you appreciate and celebrate your loved ones every day? I certainly try to! Rebound and Laney might believe they should be appreciated more, but I’m pretty sure I spoil them too much!


Fun fact- Valentine’s Day was created to serve as an increase in candy sales during the off season.

Anyway, I am currently in Aiken right now and LOVING it! Even though we have had many freezing mornings (below 30 degrees), my training has been incredible! Laney and I had a rough go at Pine Top Farm Intermediate Horse Trials, but we took a lot out of the experience and are headed to Pine Top Advanced Horse Trials looking better than ever! On the flat, we are currently reminding Laney that to be round, she needs to understand and listen to my outside rein. After many exhausting lessons she is really understanding it and showing off movements deserving scores of 7’s and 8’s! Show jumping is really started to click for the two of us, and the number of rails hitting the ground has decreased significantly! As for cross country, this horse is a machine out there, we rarely have something to work on when we get home!

Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials

Rebound is on the road to becoming a real horse! He is starting to jump beginner novice sized jumps, and hopefully will go cross country schooling soon! On the flat he is a fancy little dude. We went to the combined test at Apple Tree Farm South, and he won his Intro division! One of our comments was, “beautiful medium walk.” Over fences, I have never had the opportunity to ride something so bold. He doesn’t blink an eye at anything, and targets everything when we are flatting. It is a constant battle to remind him that we are not jumping, and we need to flat. After less than 20 jump schools, he jumped the liverpool! I can’t wait to see where this horse goes!

Eventing CIC*

The rest of the month I will be preparing for my first CIC* on Laney at the Carolina Horse Park, and – hopefully- be preparing for a beginner novice with the baby! If you have any questions about my training, experiences or anything, leave a comment! I will answer ASAP!

Area X EventingEquestrianista - Rachel Sledzik


Watch Rachel and Rebound in their recent dressage test:


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