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Best Time of the Season to Get a Great Deal on Equestrian Apparel

Julie Frykman

Posted on February 11 2017

Best Time to Get a Great Deal on Equestrian Apparel by Equestrianista.

We love being an equestrian, but we are all too familiar with how expensive the sport we love can be. From the lessons, horse show fees, horse tack, to our schooling and show attire, it can quickly make for an empty wallet. Here at Equestrianista we compiled a few tips, from our years in the equestrian retail world, on what to buy when for the greatest deals throughout the year just for you.


March - Now is an excellent time to invest in warm winter riding attire for Winter 2017. Thankfully those uber warm, yet uber expensive, schooling boots are often snagged with a deep discount this time of year. While often times the style will stay the same for a few years, tack stores don't want to sit on inventory through the spring and summer months. 

April - Summer schooling pieces and more have hit stores. You will find a plethora of stock in all the latest styles of warm weather breeches, sun shirts, sun visors, and more to keep you cool while schooling. Though these pieces are new and may not be marked down, sometimes you will find retailers offering a BOGO sale or Friends and Family discount promotions. Ask your local retailer and plan your shopping spree accordingly.

May - Pre-fall begins to hit stores at full price, but fabulous steals can now be had on show coats, and stable to street wear from late winter/resort collections. On average you can find mark downs from 35 to 58 percent. 


June - Just as summer is heating up, you can grab some hot deals on all of those lust-worthy early spring items. The prices will be lower next month on these items, but the trade off is the best selection of sizes, while still getting a possible price cut on those colorful schooling tees and light colored, moisture-wicking breeches.

July - As fall collections hit tack stores and equestrian apparel online retailers, spring items will take their steepest price breaks now, some come in at a staggering 80 percent off.

August - Fall equestrian fashion continues to debut online and in-store. While some final sale spring riding apparel still lingers, you won't find much for selection left at this point. Now is the time to take advantage of those pre-order discounts that many equestrian small businesses offer as they debut their new collections. Equestrianista is one of those retailers, so be sure to sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page.


September - Back-to-School is synonymous with Back-to-Schooling. As summer comes to a close, so does the horse show outdoor season. With a mild break between outdoor and indoor horse show season, you will find many tack stores, equestrian boutiques and equestrian online retailers getting in on the BTS promotions. Backpacks can be the biggest score this time of year - averaging a 34 percent mark down.

October  - To this point we've been talking apparel and accessories, but who can forget equestrian lifestyle jewelry. Snag that stirrup necklace or snaffle bit bracelet at up to 40 percent off as cold weather begins to set in. 

November - Retailers are gearing up for the biggest sale weekend of the year - Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Prior to these days you can find sweaters at some great prices, averaging up to 45 percent off.


December - As retailers receive a bounty of new horse tack, equestrian apparel, and lifestyle jewelry you can find a savings of 50 to 70 percent on last seasons items. Sometimes the new arrivals have minor tweaks, justifying a price break on the previous model or design. With this simple switching out of floor models can result in big savings for you. No matter the reason this all equates to great deals to be had for you.

January - Most everything can be had for a hot, hot deal right now. After Christmas sales on barn supplies, horse tack, and stylish equestrian fall fashions. Fall pieces can be snagged for up to 80 percent off on final clearance, but inventory is dwindling, so don't expect a lot of selection.

February - Spring riding apparel and the latest in tack hits stores in a big way this month. There are not a whole lot in way of sales or markdowns this month, although you will find plenty of chic stable to street riding apparel to keep you in shopping heaven.

Did we miss anything? Have a deal tid bit to share? Please do - comment below! 

xoxo Julie - Equestrianista Founder


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