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Cold Weather Riding: Fighting Off Sickness for More Barn Time

Julie Frykman

Posted on October 07 2016

As Equestrians cold weather riding is simply a part of the deal! Most of the U.S. sees temps dip below 35 degrees throughout the winter. Therefore, whether you have an indoor riding arena or brave the elements schooling outdoors, you know a thing or two about the sniffles. So we gathered a few natural remedies to help you stave off that cold and feel better faster so you can enjoy more time in the saddle.

The Classic Cold

As soon as you feel that icky feeling that a cold is coming on, take some Vitamin C. There are a few on the market from chewables to capsules. Some experts say that vitamin C helps you fight off a cold by kick starting your immune system. If all else fails, vitamin C is known for helping with the elasticity of the skin. Equestrian skin takes a beating from the elements on a daily basis so this bonus is enough for me to stock the medicine cabinet!

Cough, Cough

Tablespoon or two of honey to help with throat irritation.At first tickle, stir a tablespoon or two of honey into warm water or your favorite tea. As you swallow you can start to feel the honey coat your throat. Many experts think that coating effect helps keep irritation and coughing at bay. After a cold ride in the saddle my joints can ache from helmet to boots and a nice soothing cup of honey infused tea is quite the treat anyway!

That Stuffy Nose

 Ah, the super stuffy nose! I've many a time had to grab a grooming towel from my tack box to wipe a runny nose while at the barn. Doesn't a runny nose and winter just seem to go hand in hand? Well, research has shown that nasal rinses may help with that congestion and drip. A simple saline rinse twice a day can clear away mucous and wash away small virus particles. I love the over-the-counter organic nasal mists made for kids. The ingredients tend to be basic and just what is needed.

Do you have any little tips that help you survive horseback riding in the winter and stay healthy? I hope these easy to do tidbits help you!  xoxo Julie - Equestrianista Founder



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