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Fall Beauty Trends: 3 Red Hot Cosmetic Favorites for All Equestrianistas

Julie Frykman

Posted on August 05 2016

"Red is having what you might call a moment this year from fashion to cosmetics. With fall fast approaching, at Equestrianista we're in full-on fall mode and when we're not in the saddle, we're ready to break out our plaid poncho, cognac tall boots and favorite fedora! So that left us thinking...what is fresh and hot this autumn in beauty to complete our on point ensemble? So I've gathered 3 fabulous looks and am confident you can choose one that fits your fancy."

Sunset Shadow - Beauty influencers everywhere are loving the crimson eye makeup look.

Scarlett Johansson in fall 2016 red eyeshadow trend.If you're a trend watcher on Instagram then you've seen the fresh faced beauties rocking blazing pinks, reds, and oranges over their lids. The current appeal of scarlet shadow goes beyond throwback allure, the updated look is glamorous and sophisticated with a standout appeal. I know what you're thinking right about now - "Red eyes, me?". Yes, with hues for every skin color you're sure to find the one that flatters, whether your eyes are blue, green, or brown. Experts say that when it comes to skin tone, the darker your skin, the stronger you can go with your orange shade. So dust that brush and glide that just-for-you hue over your lids and wait for the compliments to come in!

Red Lips Only Please - Okay, so you think you can't pull off the sunset eyes look - no worries, we have yet another seasonal favorite that you're sure to love.

Fall 2016 runway looks with red lip trend.Red is hot in a big way this season and with hues that range from fire engine red to orange-red, every skin tone can find one that is their kind of perfect. The key to this look is to create an immaculate base that is fresh and minimalist. So start with a clean face and don't skimp on moisturizer. Conceal well under eyes and over any dark spots, then add a light coat of foundation. At Equestrianista we're currently coveting BB Cream by 100% Pure. This medium coverage foundation looks natural while giving you a glowing, flawless, illuminated complexion. Infused with light reflective pigments, it gives you an incandescent glow and the best part - it's 100% made of only natural and organic ingredients! With your skin fresh and glowing, add a few coats of crisp black mascara. No need to coat it on - this look is about a fresh face and and jaw-dropping lips! And last but not least - the star of this look - apply two coats of your favorite red lipstick and you are ready to conquer the day like a runway diva!

Play It Safe - Red nail polish never really goes out of style.

Fall 2016 red nail trend.Again, with so many hues, red is always the versatile and classic nail color choice to vamp up your look. From red hues that range from dark to light, pale to more dramatic, they always have a place in seasonal trends. Fall and red go together like chocolate & vanilla, Thelma & Louise, cookies & milk...alright you get the idea! Yes, this is the playing it safe option of the 3, but never underestimate the cool factor when incorporating red into your beauty routine!

So which look will be your go-to this fall?  xoxo Julie - Equestrianista Founder


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