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Helmet Awareness Day

Julie Frykman

Posted on July 27 2015

Charles Owen riding helmet from Smartpak.As International Helmet Awareness Day 2015 approaches, we have just the right hair jewelry to chic up that post-helmet do! As equestrians we know that adorning a riding helmet before climbing on is one of the smartest things we can do. Sure helmet brands like Samshield, Charles Owen and GPA made the equestrian riding helmet a thing of fashion, but now the bigger challenge is post ride! You're still at the horse show, barn, or have a few stops on your way home, and now your melon looks very Trump-ilicious.




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Elastic headband shown in sliver and gold from Equestrianista Collection.So you guessed it, the equestrian brand you've come to love and rely on to bring you back to red carpet ready, O.K. barn aisle ready, has an easy-peasy and chic fix that will have you, dare we say it, looking forward to helmet head! You will look for any reason to wear one of our newest curated stretch headbands. With a variety of on-trend colors and modern to classic designs, you'll love these handmade pieces that are more like hair jewelry than just an accessory. Plus, you can love that they are made in the U.S.A., Chicago to be exact, of quality materials that look fabulous and of-the-moment paired with almost any piece in your closet!

Equestrian accessories; bronze stretch headband from Equestrianista Collection.   Stretch headband in Turquoise from Equestrianista Collection.

Find them in our new mobile boutique, or grab your very own on our site; shop our accessories page and find your new favorite hair accessory!


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