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Infinity Scarf Trends: Six Ways to Wear It

Julie Frykman

Posted on October 23 2014

Over the past year, nothing has been trendier in winter wear than the infinity scarf. This trend is likely to continue into 2015 and beyond, so Equestrianista is well stocked with a variety of infinity scarves to suit the tastes of any equestrienne or as that perfect gift this holiday season.


What are Infinity Scarves? The infinity scarf -- also known as a circle scarf -- is a scarf with the ends knitted together to make a large circle. While a standard rectangular scarf can only be worn one way, an infinity scarf has the flexibility to lend itself to a variety of personal styles. You can twist an infinity scarf into two loops for maximum warmth, tie it into a large knot or invent an entirely new style. The choice is yours. 





Infinity Scarves at Equestrianista - Equestrianista carries four primary varieties of infinity scarves including a design with metallic threads, two types of knit scarves and a plaid scarf. The knotty knit infinity scarf is also available in three different colors and each costs just $22.00. Whether you'd like to buy an infinity scarf or as part of a larger equestrian wardrobe, Equestrianista is ready to serve your needs. Don't forget to take a look at our "Last Call" section before you check out; in this section, you'll find deep discounts on several of last season's stylish infinity scarves.



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