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Matching Your Schooling Outfit to Your Horse by an Equestrianista

Julie Frykman

Posted on February 25 2017

White Dressage Saddle pad with Grey Trim and Embroidery by Equestrianista.We have all had that desire to match our horse’s saddle pad to our t-shirt, with matching boots on top of that. It’s just a part of a girls nature to want everything to match and look good! But for all of us that have matched our horses, it can start to look a bit dorky. And instead it’s easy to match and still look professional and stylish!

An example is I wear my gorgeous Equestrianista Glitter Logo T-Shirt in black and gold, to match my horse’s black and gold logo bonnet! It looks adorable, and isn’t too crazy. Then I wear tan colored breeches, a white saddle pad and black polos to keep my look classy.

Another way I match my personal attire to that of my horse is by using the color of my pants to match the embroidery of my saddle pad. And, the best part is, since the embroidery is so small, the color doesn’t have to be exact. I have the original blue Annie’s full seat breeches that are a similar shade of blue to a saddle pad I won at The Event at Santa Fe. It ties things together well. I also have hunter green breeches that match the trim of white and green saddle pad. So I’ll wear my green pants, a white polo and a navy mango bay design belt to coordinate with the white and green saddle pad, green polos and a bonnet is optional for those that want a little bit extra to add to it!

Equestrian Baseball Cap in Yellow and Navy by Equestrianista.


You can also use complimentary colors to coordinate with your equine partner. You can wear an orange top, with blue polos and a nice white saddle pad. Or my personal favorite, wear a pale yellow shirt with plum breeches and pale yellow polos. It looks like a little bundle of spring time!

There are plenty of other ways to accentuate you and your equine’s wardrobe! And work that arena as if it were a cat walk.  

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