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Meet Ashlyn from Equine Fashionistas

Julie Frykman

Posted on January 13 2015

Equestrianista is excited to announce the other half of our Social Media Ambassador team! 
Ashlyn Pease is the original equestrian behind the social media style guide-Equine Fashionistas. They create chic equestrian looks to be worn in or out of the ring.
Meet Ashlyn, and fall in love, just as we have!

My name is Ashlyn Pease I’m 17 & live in sunny Southern California. I’m in a homeschool program through Biola Star Academics & I only go to school twice a week (yes, it’s as great as it sounds)! I plan to major in Business with a minor in Fashion. My dream is to combine my two passions, horses and fashion, with a career in Equine Fashion. Besides horses, I love hedgehogs, succulents, hosting dinner parties, Coffee Bean & of course posting on Instagram. 

 Although my family never had horses I somehow came to love them… okay it’s an obsession! In 2007 I started taking western lessons and soon discovered The Pony Club. I got my first horse in Dec 2009 and worked my way through the pony club levels and I am currently a D3 Jumping- C2 Flat. I am hoping to do my C1 jumping in the spring.  

About a year ago I got my current horse, Cadence, and have been doing Jumpers and Equitation. Jumpers is absolutely my favorite discipline so far! I love the speed and the tight turns, not to mention the variety of acceptable fashion in the show ring. What’s better than wearing what you want – no rules!!!

I started the Equine Fashionistas Instagram account about 2 years ago and it has been so much fun! I have made so many friends through it and also many connections in the horse world. Lola joined the account about a year ago and it has grown sooo much since! We have gotten many new sponsors, of course our favorite - Equestrianista! For the account we use Polyvore to design coordinating outfits for horse and rider, hoping to inspire people to think outside box. Some future plans for Equine Fashionistas is to expand into other markets, promote new equine fashion companies, & someday open up my very own popup store.

   Ashlyn Pease




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