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The SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket is a Blanket that Lasts!

Julie Frykman

Posted on January 14 2015

Do you have a horse with a frienemy that loves to destroy his turnout blanket? Well, I do and let me tell you Edward Scissor Teeth enjoys himself some nylon!

Our first blanket try was an epic fail. I spent our first winter together sewing patches until the blanket became one big coat of many colors.

Winter Turnout Fail

He's even too embarrassed to look at the camera!

So the search began. It was so daunting, many options and price points, but would they hold up? I started to think that it may be cheaper and easier to give him lessons on standing up for himself against his frienemy. Do they have karate lessons for horses??

Then I came across the SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket. The description said it was the "toughest waterproof blanket yet", had great reviews, and it was within my price range. Although, I was still skeptical that it would hold up, but then I saw "if anything happens to this blanket within 10 years of your purchase, we'll replace or refund it- no matter what!"  Seriously!?!

So I quickly ordered and received it in within just a few days. I was delighted at the sturdy weight and feel. It also fit my 16.3hh, big bodied boy. I ordered the 81 and it fit perfect! Now for the test...release him to the wolves.

SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket

Impressed with the length and coverage.

It stayed in place very well. My boy loves to roll and I was impressed with how it stayed put and had even coverage on his body. I also didn't find any hair rub marks. The interior was nicely lined and his hair was unaffected. Although, by the end of winter it did have half a dozen pin hole tears throughout the body. In the blankets defense you could see the beating it was taking, as it had teeth skid marks all over it. Yes, I said teeth skid marks! That's the best way to describe it. It looked like the Indy 500 just took place on its surface. 

Still not expecting that 10 year warranty to hold, I called SmartPak and explained. The customer service was as friendly and professional as they are famous for! "Send it back with the return label provided on your receipt and we'll ship out a new one right away!" the rep said. Seriously, a new one and the return shipping is paid for!?! She also told me they improved upon the design and that the new one should hold up better. So I attached my year old return shipping label and popped it in the mail. Within 2 weeks I received a beautiful, spanking new blanket! Free shipping, free return!

Well fast forward to this winter and I'm happy to report that my gelding has been wearing this new SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket for 3 months and it is hole and teeth skid mark free! They really did improve upon the design and it is fabulous! And yes, my big wimpy OTTB is still turned out with Edward Scissor Teeth!

If you're considering this blanket, here are my fav features of this turnout:

  • Nylon outer is waterproof and breathable
  • Nylon lining
  • Two low-cross surcingles keep the blanket secure & in place
  • Quick-clip front closures are easily adjustable and make for easy on/off
  • Nylon/elastic leg straps keep the blanket from shifting
  • Tail flap provides additional protection & warmth

Do you have a favorite turnout blanket? What makes it your fav? Tell us at Equestrianista.



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