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What is in the Equestrianista Brand Horse and Crown Logo

Julie Frykman

Posted on September 11 2013

Well for some it's just an image to be recognizable in a sea of competitors, while for others it is a very personal expression. Our Equestrianista logo leans toward the later. Our logo was designed with the equestrienne in mind. The crown signifies the modern woman. A woman with style and grace like that of a queen.

The shield is subtle imagery in remembrance of the traditional coat of arms, or crest. Being an equestrian makes you part of a unique community, or rather a family. I felt a crest was very appropriate. Not everyone understands why we put so much energy into the dedication of this passion, but those within our equestrian community do.

The horse head is quite simple to explain. The head represents our passion, our best friends, in a beautiful and artistic way.

Lastly, the E is not only a beautiful representation of the term Equestrianista, it also represents Equestrian, Equestrienne, and of course Elegance.


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