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Equestrian Charm: Jewelry of the Season for Every Equestrianista

Julie Frykman

Posted on July 27 2016

According to the fashion team at InStyle magazine, the necklaces of 2016 all have charm. Equestrians are no stranger to charm or charms. We love our horses adorned with charms that reflect our style; bridle charms, halter charms and the functional name tag charm for blankets and other necessities. 

We love these breed charms from Ashley's Fine Equestrian Jewelry. These stunning charms come in Sterling Sliver or 14K Gold. Choose one to drape on a classic chain to rep that once-in-a-lifetime horse, or get one of each breed for a bracelet - because we know when it comes to horses you can't have just one!

Ashley's Fine Equestrian Jewelry.

For the Equestrianista looking for something less breed specific, we have that perfect necklace that looks simple yet elegant. Equestrian charm that looks great with a light sweater or your favorite schooling outfit.


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