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Equestrian Fashion: Spring 2017 Style

Julie Frykman

Posted on February 05 2017

When you don't dress like everyone else you don't have to think like everyone else. EquestrianistaWelcome February! We've been looking forward to spring and with that have been happily diving into designs that you will enjoy from stable to street, spring to summer and barn to brunch. We're kind of in this new obsession of horse show looks. There is so much inspiration at horse shows; from the super casual long sleeve t-shirt, to the tried and true perfect fitting riding sweater, and ultimately the layered look with the full zip jacket that can be worn doubled up or alone. There is something so rewarding and inspiring when you look out into the schooling ring and see someone looking stylish, confident and comfortable in your equestrian-inspired art and design.

We've brooded over the mood boards. Putting together our favorite colors, textures and looks that ultimately pull together our in-house artwork. Then it's time to print or embroider the design onto the piece. That can sometimes be nail biting, as your vision may not come together or you need to tweak the design to make it more crisp. That happened once within this collection of pieces. A few samples later we have a sweater we are truly in love with. Each season I find myself partial to a particular Equestrianista piece, and this season is no different. 

Equestrianista Riding Club Sweater Mood Board of Equestrian Fashion 2017

And when will these equestrian style beauties be revealed? Very, very soon. Are you signed up for our email list? This list always receives updates on new arrivals and specials. 

Because of course, our VIP's are always the first to know.

xoxo Julie


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