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New Year's Resolutions for every Equestrianista

Julie Frykman

Posted on January 03 2016

Equestrianista Collection behind the scenes. New Year resolutions.

Head to the barn. The first resolution on every equestrian's agenda is to finally commit to trying to find, no making, the time that we may inherently feel guilty about when work, family or the dishes are waiting. Look at it as a productivity boost and some much-needed “Zen time”. Plus, the side bonus is that this can count as two resolutions- barn time & workout time. Since every equestrienne knows that riding is her cardio!

Spend time with friends (aka other equestrians). Those lighthearted friendly gatherings of social interaction create balance in your on-the-go life. This doesn't have to be all day shopping excursions or hopping a flight to Wellington; it means simply turning off your phone, clutch a hot cup of java, and carve out an hour to catch up with a valued girlfriend.

Equestrian resolutions and taking time for yourself.Show yourself some love. Work on taking care of you!. Take more time for yourself, step away from technology and escape reality for even just 20 minutes with a good book. No, as much as I adore Dressage Today or Horse & Style Mag, these do not count here. Think more along the lines of letting your brain enter someone else's life; The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John or Ambition by Natalie Keller Reinert.

Don't look at these resolutions as changing who you are, but more about becoming your very best you. The you that is happy, healthy and balanced...and still the epitome of style!

We LOVE hearing from you! What are your New Year's Resolutions? Comment below :) xoxo Julie - Equestrianista Founder


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