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Equestrianista Ambassador & Dressage Trainer's time in Wellington, FL

Julie Frykman

Posted on March 27 2014

Suzannah Simon of SKS Dressage shares about her trip to Wellington, FL (March 2014)

Community, education, and style are just the tip of the iceberg when describing my most recent spring trip to Wellington! As U.S. winter equestrian capital, Wellington is alive with events and competition throughout the week. I had the great pleasure of frequenting a few events for dressage and jumping while I was in town as well as getting to see so many unique styles that are popular this winter.

TRAINING...One of my absolute favorite things about having the opportunity to visit Wellington is the extremely high caliber of riders and horses. NO WHERE can brush shoulders with some of the worldʼs most talented competitors (…at Starbucks!). It makes me want to be better rider, extinguish complacency and continue to grow as an equestrian! One of the ways that I accomplish this is by continuing to take lessons and clinics while in Wellington. I am SO BLESSED to have a contact in Florida who takes the time for lessons and training in order to mentor, push and make me the best that I can be!

STYLE…Another one of my most enjoyable experiences in Florida is watching the continuous ebb and flow of fashion in the equestrian world. Changing with every winter ʻseason,ʼ Wellington can be considered the fashion hub for the latest trends and accessories! A few things that I LOVED seeing while visiting were the unique boots, feminine blouses for schooling and the unparalleled amount of new helmets that are being released! Boots are DEFINITELY one of my weaknesses, and with custom brands like Der Dau, Derby, Petrie and other brands represented throughout Wellington, its impotent to budget! This year there are so many fun colors and styles in the dressage AND jumper rings. Though black is still the standard for show- red, brown, grey, blue, and caramel as well as front laced boots and square toes are just a few of the popular colors and styles that are unique.

Helmets are also a huge part of what it means to be a current equestrian. Whether you think that helmet hair is an implied part of riding or you struggle with the idea of donning this safety ʻaccessoryʼ, I think everyone can agree that there are some fantastic fashion-conscious styles available. Some of the helmets being worn by top riders today are Italian brand K.E.P, British company Charles Owen, and GPA (which I currently ride in and enjoy its breathability)! The final trend that I have noticed becoming popular for female riders are gorgeous half-button, half-sleeve tailored blouses for schooling. Though polos are still the go-to for most riders, some are choosing a fitted, half-sleeve top which I personally think is very flattering and comfortable for schooling! In addition, some also color coordinate with matching saddle pad and schooling polos for the ultimate in show chic.

COMMUNITY…Finally, community and giving back are a huge theme throughout season in Wellington. Though it is a very competitive environment, riders and sponsors alike take time to give back to local and national causes. One such event I attend was Challenge of the Americas! It is a fun event held annually where the top U.S.A & international riders go head to head in Jumping & Dressage in order to raise money for a great cause {The Breast Cancer Research Foundation}. This is one of my personal favorite events to attend throughout the year because of the fantastic freestyles & choreography that is demonstrated, as well as the comradery with other riders!

For me, I never say goodbye to Wellington because I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue to go back in order to learn & grow! Therefore, leaving in not sad because of the thrilling adventure that lies ahead...


…So until next time,

Suzannah Simon


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