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Spring Color Trend Forecast - how does it fit in your Equestrian Fashion Wardrobe?

Julie Frykman

Posted on January 15 2015

Have you seen the Spring 2015 color forecast? I love how these colors will translate to equestrian fashion. The muted palette is soft and will pair well with other colors if you wish for more of a statement!  It is a nice change from the bold & bright colors that have been at the forefront of fashion for the last couple of seasons. Many stylists say that the this soft, subdued palette looks good on a variety of skin tones. So ladies, I for one, say it's time to get shopping and updating our wardrobe with some of these yummy tones.


Marsala is considered the "it" color of the season.  I can see this color translating well within equestrian apparel.  From a rich blood red to the vast array of reddish brown shades that many equestrians covet.  All of these shades will pair back well with the warm undertones of Tangerine, Strawberry Ice, Blue and Toasted Almond.
Marsala Color Trend 2015 Equestrian Style
In contrast, if you have an obsession with cool colors you will be delighted to see Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue and Glacier Gray in the palette.  These colors are what I imagine you will find floating around Wellington this Spring in many forms.  I personally think the hidden jewel of this color forecast is Classic Blue, it's the perfect staple for so many riders. It looks fabulous on a variety of human skin tones, hair colors, as well as various color horses. You will be hard pressed to find a sorrel, chestnut, grey or bay that doesn't look great in this beautiful shade of blue.
Equestrian Color Trends


What is your favorite? Which color do you think will be the standout of the season?


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